Does Invisalign Change Your Face Shape?

Does Invisalign Change Your Face Shape?

January 1, 2023

Today, smiling is the main feature that most people notice. It changes your look positively. However, sometimes the face shape becomes distorted due to misalignment of teeth and bite problems. Invisalign near you can help you align the teeth and jaw properly to give a healthy and dazzling smile without altering the overall facial shape. This orthodontic technique slowly shifts teeth into better positions in the mouth. During the treatment, you will need to wear a set of invisible aligners over the bottom and upper teeth.

How Invisalign Changes Your Face Shape?

Crooked teeth significantly affect your facial appearance. For example, an overbite can make your upper lip protrude. An underbite can make your lower jaw protrude. If you have minor dental problems, Invisalign treatment can help you enhance your smile appearance by fixing the alignment of teeth and resolving malocclusion problems.

In a few cases, the treatment offers subtle changes to the facial structure that significantly impacts your overall appearance. The impact typically differs depending on your age group.

a) Teenagers

The jawbone, gums, teeth, and muscles of teens are still in the developing stage. Getting orthodontic treatment at the earliest helps to address malocclusion and skeletal issues (like overbite, underbite, etc).

Invisalign teen treatment realigns the bite by altering the jawline of the teenager. It also incorporates an eruption compensation feature that makes an area for accommodating the development of adult teeth.

b) Adults

Since adults have completely developed their body parts, the changes to their mouths are subtle (if any). In a few cases, the Invisalign treatment offers minute changes to:


Underbite typically makes the lips look plumper after the treatment. On the other hand, fixing an overjet makes your lips fall back a little after the teeth move to their perfect position.


In a few people, the cheeks may appear sunken in. It’s typically due to the elimination of teeth.


When the Invisalign realigns your teeth, it changes your profile subtly to offer a symmetrical smile.

Things To Note

Here are a few things to note when considering Invisalign treatment:

Each Invisalign Tray is Shaped Uniquely than the Previous Tray

As you know, our face shape is determined by the placement of the jaw, teeth, and factors such as crossbite, overbite, etc. As its name implies, Invisalign alters the face shape by aligning everything perfectly. The dentist in 51248 will take X-rays of the mouth to determine how to use the Invisalign to alter the face shape positively.

The expert will show before and after pictures to make you feel confident and comfortable about the treatment. After the treatment finishes, you will notice minor changes in your overall face shape and huge changes in your teeth.

For example, if you were experiencing an underbite, crossbite, or overbite, you see your lower face looking a bit different. On the other hand, if the protruding teeth shift lips, they would appear much more unique after the Invisalign procedure. As you know, the perfect shape of teeth enhances the confidence and speaking potential of an individual.

It Stimulates the Process of Bone Remodeling

During this, the tissues and bones in the mouth break down. This is natural and painless. As the Invisalign shifts teeth into their perfect place, the profile and the lips will slowly move along with the teeth. It results in a more noticeable difference in appearance.

Invisalign is Not Designed to Alter the Jaw Line

Invisalign treatment can help to fix almost any issue associated with the teeth. For example, when the teeth are developing distortedly, it will reposition them so that they appear straight. It further prevents the risk of dental problems in the future.

But the dental expert typically suggests a surgical treatment for reshaping the jaw. Since every individual is unique, so changes to their face will also be unique. For moderate to severe issues, the changes are huge. On the other hand, if you have a normal bite but slightly crooked teeth, the changes will be minor.

Fix Your Malocclusion Issue Today

Malocclusion significantly affects speaking and chewing potential. If you have a symmetrical face or you face a problem with jaw positioning, Invisalign at Sanborn Dental Associates can help. The expert addresses this issue by bringing the facial features into harmony and aligning the jaws perfectly.