Here Are Some Important Facts About Dental Fillings

Here Are Some Important Facts About Dental Fillings

May 1, 2023

If you or your kid has cavities, the dentist will suggest eliminating the decayed portion or infection. It usually leaves a tiny hole that needs filling. When ignored, it makes it prone to bacterial build-up, which results in dental health issues later on. For example, Sometimes, dental caries lead to tooth sensitivity, dental abscess, or tooth pain. When ignored, these symptoms can be deadly. A dental filling not just seals cavities but even the tooth surface also. It restores the appearance and functioning of a tooth by blocking the progression of decay.

Facts About Dental Fillings You Should Know

Here we will discover the most common facts associated with the procedure:

  • Fillings Are Not Permanent

Few people believe that once the dentist in Sanborn, IA fills their tooth using the filling material, it lasts forever. But sadly, that is not true. On average, people need to replace fillings eventually. The lifetime of filling usually depends on several factors. It includes the material used, installation procedure, and how you care for your dental health.

The filling is not permanent because the bond between the tooth enamel and the filling material tend to get weak with time. On a minimum, fillings can remain up to 15 years. But a few of the types last longer with appropriate care.

  • Modern Fillings Release Fluoride

Modern dental fillings now have the potential to release fluoride slowly into the teeth. It prevents damage and decay to the teeth further.

  • Prevent Infection

Another advantage of fillings is that they prevent infections and decay. That is the main reason the dentist uses restoration after completing root canal therapy. Cavities continue to develop till the tooth becomes infected. It is mainly the case when you ignore the treatment for longer. As you know, a dental infection can result in hassle and tooth loss.

  • Fillings Look Natural

Earlier, fillings were manufactured usually from gold or amalgam. But now, dental professional can easily resemble their look according to the nearby tooth structure. It means fillings offer a natural appearance to the patient.

  • They Have a Long History

Fillings are the oldest form of dentistry. Modern fillings have been used in developed countries for more than 150 years. With the discovery of beeswax fillings in Italy, they turn out an earliest form of dentistry in human history.

  • Adults in America Have Three Fillings Per Person

On average American adults get three dental fillings. Kids also get them on their primary as well as permanent teeth.

  • Amalgam Fillings Are the Most Popular by Far

As you know, filling materials include glass ionomer, composite resin, amalgam, porcelain, etc. But the silver amalgam fillings are the most common among other types. Thanks to the flexibility and less cost.

  • Fillings Help to Save Money in the Long Term

Cavities in the mouth can spread to the extent that your tooth/teeth may need root canal therapy. In the worst cases, you might need a tooth extraction. Getting a dental filling near you at Sanborn Dental Associates is the best solution to save money and hassle.

  • Tooth Decay Can Continue Under a Dental Filling

After the filling placement, you still have the natural teeth underneath it. It means there is a risk of tooth decay. Failure to follow good dental hygiene lets plaque and sugar accumulate under the filling. They cause the same damage to the leftover areas of the tooth surface.

  • The Procedure Requires Just One Visit

Another good point of getting a filling procedure is that the dentist 51248 finishes it in a single sitting. It is highly beneficial for individuals with hectic schedules. It means even if you need 3 to 5 fillings, it will not take more than one hour.

Take Advantage of Dental fillings Near You

Tooth decay usually begins as very small but will continue to get worse with time. Furthermore, tooth decay at the early stages usually does not show symptoms. That’s why regular trips to the dental clinic near you are essential. Dental fillings are ideal way to fix tiny fractures in the tooth or minor tooth cavities. The professionals at our dental office are well-trained to spot cavities before it creates hassle. Call the expert today.