Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Sanborn, IA

Are you searching for a quick and gentle dentistry procedure to help you or your little one to enjoy the benefits of a cavity-free smile? If so, we invite you to look no further than our dentists near you at Boelter & Gross Family Dentistry and the rewards of a dental sealant procedure. You can now book an appointment with one of our dentists in Sanborn, IA, for this quick treatment, or keep reading to learn why dental sealants are a top choice in preventive dentistry for patients of all ages.

Recommended Use in Children’s Dentistry

According to reports from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, dental sealants are proven to cut down on cavities by 86 percent during the first year after their application and remain active up to 58 percent after four years from the date of their application. That’s not only a great way to achieve peace of mind that you’re proactive in your child’s dental health, but a significant budget and time saver over the cost and time to repair cavities.

Also, because the procedure takes only a few minutes to complete and is gentle, getting dental sealants from our dentists at Boelter & Gross Family Dentistry is a great way to build confidence in your little one that the dentist can be fun. If your child is starting to exhibit signs of dental anxiety, an appointment for dental sealants near you is a great way to ease the condition from worsening while also providing you with a cost-saving way to guard against tooth decay.

And there isn’t any reason that you shouldn’t benefit from dental sealants too. We have many families who book back-to-back appointments with our dentists in Sanborn, IA, for themselves and their children, giving new meaning to the term family dentistry!

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