Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screening in Sanborn, IA

You may not have heard about oral cancer as much as other types of cancer. But once you learn how vital oral cancer screening from our dentists near you is, chances are you’ll be grateful you made an appointment with Boelter & Gross Family Dentistry for annual screening, similar to annual screening for other forms of the disease.

Your first thought might be to wonder if cancer is a condition or a disease. The short answer is that it is a genetic disease, and according to the National Cancer Institute, it can start anywhere in your body, including your oral cavity and throat.

Like other cancer types, oral cancer does not currently have any preventions, but early detection is key to keeping it from advancing. Our Sanborn, IA, dentists perform visual, oral cancer screening when patients visit Boelter & Gross Family Dentistry for an examination or dental cleaning. This screening is essential since one of the early hallmarks of oral cancer is that patients do not notice symptoms at home.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

As mentioned, oral cancer can be present without a patient noticing any symptoms. There are, however, some symptoms that you may notice at home. These include:

  • Lip or mouth sores that do not heal
  • White or reddish patches of tissue on the inside of your mouth
  • Teeth that seem loose when you know there’s no other reason for their movement
  • Bumps, growth, or lumps inside your mouth or on your neck and throat area
  • Pain in your mouth or ear and a sudden difficulty swallowing

Several of these symptoms can also be present in other oral health conditions, so if you notice even one of the above, it’s recommended that you receive oral cancer screening near you at your earliest opportunity.

Even if our dentists at Boelter & Gross Family Dentistry determine that the symptom you’re experiencing is not oral cancer, you’ll know that comprehensive care for the diagnosis of other conditions, such as gum disease, is easily within reach.

No One is Immune from the Disease

Although certain factors may place some patients at a higher risk of developing the disease than others, such as smoking, alcohol use, and exposure to the sun, no one is immune from oral cancer regardless of age or gender.

Why not schedule an appointment today with our dentists at Boelter & Gross Family Dentistry for oral cancer screening near you?

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