Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Sanborn, IA

Are you searching for a dentist near you that focuses on gentle dental care in all treatments, including dental extractions? Our team of dentists at Sanborn Dental Associates not only uses advanced equipment and technology to provide precision dentistry, but they also provide gentle dentistry in all phases of treatment, including dental extractions. We invite you to make an appointment with our dentists in Sanborn, IA, to learn more about gentle dental extractions today.

Benefits of Dental Extractions Near You

It’s not uncommon for some individuals to associate the only need for a tooth extracted with poor oral hygiene. And while it’s true that a tooth that has suffered decay to the point that it cannot be restored through other treatment offered by our dentists at Sanborn Dental Associates will need to be removed, there are other reasons that an extraction might be needed.

A few other reasons for removing a tooth are overcrowding, removal of wisdom teeth, and advanced gum disease. In the case of overcrowded teeth, dentists near you may recommend extraction in conjunction with aligner therapy or traditional braces. The removal of wisdom teeth requires surgical dental extraction. And in the case of gum disease where a tooth has become loose, a simple tooth extraction (non-surgical) will be performed.

Our goal at Sanborn Dental Associates is to help our patients retain their natural teeth for a lifetime. However, there are times when patients may need a simple or surgical tooth extraction to ensure optimum oral health. When you visit us for your tooth extraction consultation, our dentists will spend time answering all of your questions and determining whether other treatments might be viable instead of extraction.

Call Us Now to Learn More About Tooth Extraction

If you believe that a tooth needs to be extracted due to injury to your mouth, we invite you to call us now to learn about our emergency dentistry care which includes triage information that could help prevent tooth loss.

Likewise, if you believe that you’re experiencing the early signs of periodontal disease, which could lead to tooth loss, please make an appointment today for an examination and cleaning that could delay the condition from worsening.

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